Denise specializes in leading organizations through strategy, leadership, change and performance management.

She is a creative, business solutions and values based executive with over 20 years of general management, financial and strategic planning, process management, human resource management, coaching, instructing, and facilitating experience across private and public sector industries.

Through active leadership, Denise has led strategic change in a number of aggressive settings; identifying all financial, process improvement, leadership and human capital requirements followed by an active involvement in the implementation and evaluation of the final strategies. 

Concurrent with leading her own business practice, Denise was a part time instructor at the University of Manitoba instructing in Financial Reporting, Introductory Management Accounting, Intermediate and Advanced Cost Accounting. She is a moderator/facilitator in the Society of Management Accountant’s Strategic Leadership Program. The program’s ongoing reviews and studies of business case analysis and the business life cycle in conjunction with all phases of strategic development within an organization, provide Denise with current learning and applications to best practice organizational performance.

In 2013, Denise earned a Balanced Scorecard Professsional (BSP) designation from the Balanced Scorecard Institute in conjunction with George Washington University College of Professional Studies.

Denise speaks regularly across North America on the topic of strategy and leadership at conferences and continues to be active as a volunteer in her community.